Work with Me

Photo by Cameron Wheaton

For nine years of working as a library technician, my work revolved around my passion for delivering content and products to help others do bigger, better, happier work.

Now I’m taking that further: helping the world to identify, navigate, and dissect the frameworks of power that structure and define our everyday lives. I do this through critical information literacy, by taking the intimidation out of research, and encouraging resilient curiosity and inquiry inside and outside of the academy.

In my undergraduate work in Cultural Studies, I cut my teeth on scholarship at the intersection of critical theory, social frameworks, power/authority, and popular culture and media. Continuing this conversation in librarianship and information science made sense: LIS work is highlighted by discussions of authority and power and precarious labour; information and education are increasingly commodified; and information work both supports and consists of layers of capital, value, and narrative.

I am a first generation student, in that I am the first person in my family to attend university. I was raised on Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island), unceded Mi’kmaq territory. I grew up on a rural family farm living with extended family, my activist grandparents, often under the poverty line. This collection of identities frames and informs much of the work that I do.

My areas of research include critical information literacy and pedagogy, libraries as rural community hubs, rural and small libraries, privacy and security within the Internet of Things, and craftivism (craft and activism).

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