Hello! I’m Alex Hanam, a radical librarian, artist, and writer with a passion for ecology and minimalism. I write poems and essays, make things with my hands, and connect people to the information they need.

I have a diploma in Library and Information Technology from Nova Scotia Community College, a degree in Cultural Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University, and I’m on the final stretch to completing a Master in Library and Information Science degree at the University of Western Ontario.

My experience working in libraries spans a decade. I started in my local rural public library where I read books and sang songs to toddlers, ran youth events, and developed an employment project to connect youth and seniors from the community in the name of sharing skills and knowledge. As I completed my undergraduate degree, I worked in my school’s library, first as a student assistant in document delivery and ILL, and then as a circulation supervisor. I mentored a team of student assistants and maintained access to electronic resources in the nitty gritty back end of our link resolver. I’ve also completed brief internships in hospital and government libraries as part of my educational programs.

My approach to library and information work is patron-centric. I do the work I do because I believe it to be necessary and valued, and my experiences with patrons have reflected this back to me. I also place great value in being self-reflective, a lifelong learner, and acting from a place of compassion.

I’m passionate about delivering content and products to help others do bigger, better, happier work and to encourage resilient curiosity and inquiry. My work stems from a core philosophy that is anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-classist, seeking to identify, navigate, and dissect the frameworks of power that structure and define our everyday lives (and if that sounds really intense, just know that I was educated in the cultural studies tradition… we start by asking why? what counts? who is excluded? We’re always questioning everything!)

I can also be found online on Twitter as @AlexHanam and on Instagram as @hanamerino.
I’m also on LinkedIn and Academia.