fave five: creativity


My fave fives are where I share a quick snap of 5 things I’m enjoying. Today I’m sharing my five fave creative activities. I mean this loosely; it doesn’t mean digging out lots of supplies or taking over lots of space. I find I create some of my most dynamic work in limited situations or with only a few tools.

  • papercraft: mini books/scrapbooking
    This has been more consuming than creating. I’ve been all over instagram and pinterest looking at photos, collecting images of things I like, little bits that I admire, and layouts I’d like to put a spin on. I’ve collected pieces of paper as long as I can remember. My grandmother was a “clipper” and her coiled notebooks filled with clippings on the British royal fam are much treasured items in my family.
  • art journalling:
    My main use of art journalling is in my Radical Self Love bible (a combination of visual and goal-oriented journalling). I’ve dabbled in visual journalling here and there (and I’ve kept a journal since I was nine) but I really dove into it during Gala Darling’s 3 month email course, Radical Self Love Bible School. I still refer back to those emails for ideas, suggestions, and encouragement. Through participants sharing their bibles and pages online, I discovered Caylee Grey, now one of my favourite people for inspiration. I particularly love her use of whitespace and gold accents in her RSL bible.
  • brush lettering:
    I was made hip to @randomolive’s Instagram and periscope (she’s under the same username). Watching her brush letter is incredibly relaxing. And as per my motto adopted from a childhood of 4-H, “learn by doing” is often best. Olivia’s periscopes fire me up and I’ll often have a set up of watercolour tools and scrap paper for my own lettering practice as I watch. 
  • Canva:
    here’s where I deviate from the physical into the digital. If you don’t yet know Canva, allow me to introduce you. Canva is my go-to for (mostly free) digital marketing imagery. Instagram posts, Facebook covers, blog images… ready-made templates for all your social media and marketing needs. You can even make custom sizes and print as a pdf (hey, zine makers!). They also just released a Canva for Work version which I’m not using but it has extra features should you want to purchase it.
    You can see my public creations here at Canva.
  • meditation
    Sometimes I become overwhelmed by the thoughts in my head and need to clear my mind and be still: for a minute, for 5, for 20. Being intentional about wiping the slate clean and being okay with calm and quiet and emptiness. It’s so good for me and my nerves, and it’s really good for my work. When I return to a project feeling fresh I’m able to make better choices and see other connections that earlier were lost in the noise.

What are your favourite creative practices or activities?
What’s firing you up or resetting your buttons?

Photo from Gratisography