Hello, reader. I’m Alex.

I write and think about all sorts of things: design and aesthetics, food that is slow and simple, the tenacity of being kind and generous, nature and ecology and how good crisp fresh air can feel, intersectionality and overlapping narratives and the cultural studies tradition, faith and God and modesty, mindfulness and the caustic beauty of living.

I currently live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan as I job hunt for the perfect fit. I’ve worked in public, academic, and hospital libraries since 2007 and I have a resilient and deep rooted passion for my work. 

I’ve formally trained as a library technician (NSCC ’08) and a librarian (UWO ’17) and playfully mucked about as an artist, minister, witch, poet, and cook. I take photos and paint pictures. I’m (taking a break from) writing a book about Katimavik (if you don’t know what that is, that’s why I’m writing about it).

I firmly believe in working hard, living honestly, and being kind. They are their own reward.

You can find me online at LinkedIn, GoodReads, Academia.edu, and Ravelry.