checking in

I’ve been absent for a few months and for good reason: I’ve been really busy!
I have a few posts planned to go up in the next few weeks but until then, here’s a quick recap and some other things that are coming up.

I finished grad school–and all the affiliated work that spirals out of it–and I’ll graduate in June (!!!). My final term was jam packed: five courses, active member of PLG local, poster presentation at OLA, two part time jobs, designed and delivered workshop on graphic design with pal V., interviewed on an LIS podcast about UX, finishing edits on book chapter, and remembering that it’s necessary and okay to have fun at weekly karaoke meets. After all that, I spent a few weeks back home in Atlantic Canada where I dealt with a truly “worst case scenario” with some belongings in storage and flooding.

I also wrapped up production (which was really more like two evenings of fun) on the video aspect of a presentation for IACAL 2017. My co-presenter Corinne and I are up first thing on Tuesday morning, 9AM PST. Our performance is drawn from our work for the upcoming The Feminist Reference Desk, edited by Maria T. Accardi and published by Library Juice Press, which will be available this summer/fall.

And I moved! For now, I’ll be based out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan as I look for work. In the meantime, I’m giving more time and energy to my creative practices and I have lots of stuff to share. Some photo sessions from Cape Breton, a closing recap on my library school series, and writing on ecofeminism, Me Made May (#mmmay), recycling textiles, and musings on if/when I’ll return to school, along with a website makeover. Check in again for more!


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