two poems (a belated announcement)

Back in the time between finishing my undergrad and leaving for graduate school, I received an email from someone I didn’t know. That person turned out to be Chantelle Rideout who had been sent my way from Clare Goulet who I’d studied creative writing under at MSVU. Chantelle was collecting local emerging poets for a Halifax-based chapbook and would I be interested (yes. yes, I was). 

So I sent Chantelle three poems and two were chosen and tweaked, and now, a year later, they live in City Series: Halifax which is available in a limited run from Frog Hollow Press. 

I received my copy in early December and marveled at how different all our voices are. We all see and experience Halifax in such divergent ways, and I think that adds to the richness of this small collection and its appropriateness for representing our small creative city. 

City Series: Halifax is available here for $10 CAD (S&H included). 


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