101 things I’ve already done

One for my 101 in 1001; one for a bad day. Writing this list took me much longer than I thought it would. I ended up asking my mum for help. 

“What have I done with my life, mum?” and she mostly laughed and reminded me of all the adventures I’ve had in my short life. 

 Here are 101 things I’ve already done:

  1. learned poi
  2. learned to hula hoop
  3. bought a guitar (& learned how to play it)
  4. began studying new language (Spanish and Norwegian)
  5. knit a pair of socks (my first and only pair)
  6. practiced veganism
  7. grew my hair out
  8. wrote and recorded songs
  9. graduated! (several times!)
  10. saw Sam Roberts perform (after being on my bucket list for 11 years, it finally happened)
  11. switched to a menstrual cup
  12. fell in love
  13. go back to school (several times!)
  14. survive a Saskatchewan winter (x3)
  15. completed all nine months of Katimavik
  16. travelled (and lived) all across Canada
  17. created a blog (many!)
  18. memorized a French song
  19. did four rounds in a sweatlodge
  20. lived in a place where I didn’t speak the language
  21. sang karaoke (many, many times)
  22. won at bingo!
  23. swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
  24. swam in a Great Lake
  25. been to Disney
  26. took an art class
  27. read a book in a day
  28. make pie from scratch
  29. learned to bake bread
  30. sewed my own clothing
  31. moved out of my parents’ house
  32. wrote a letter to myself for when I graduated with my undergrad (I cried a lot!)
  33. sang in public
  34. went to outdoor music festivals
  35. learned to play the piano
  36. took photography seriously and began treating it as my craft
  37. felted a woolen object (even if it was by mistake!)
  38. had professional photos taken (silly studio ones with my niece; fun outdoor ones by a classmate)
  39. bought a (really good) camera
  40. had a job I loved
  41. shot a rifle
  42. tried archery (and loved it!)
  43. field dressed an animal
  44. read Crime and Punishment (and my goodness, it was a lot different and funnier than I thought it would be)
  45. spent the whole night out and returned home with the sun up
  46. became an organ donor
  47. ran the Colour Run
  48. worked out with a personal trainer (I learned the basics of working with weights and proper form and then never wanted a PT ever again)
  49. took a dance class (country dancing)
  50. took a fun exercise class (bellyfit!)
  51. learned to knit
  52. taught myself to crochet
  53. taught myself how to draft patterns (though I haven’t done it in ages)
  54. began learning how to weave (with a makeshift weighted ‘loom’ I constructed in my window)
  55. had long distance romances
  56. taken CPR classes
  57. learned to intricately braid my own hair
  58. underwent eye surgery (PRK)
  59. taught myself HTML
  60. studied creative writing
  61. read my poetry to an audience
  62. memorized the Cyrillic alphabet (and because this was when I was still in high school, I don’t remember it anymore. but I did have it memorized!)
  63. learned the alphabet in ASL
  64. designed and made a garment
  65. ended toxic relationships
  66.  was maid-of-honour (twice! for my BFF, and for my mum)
  67. participated in NaNoWriMo
  68. took tap dance lessons
  69. won a scholarship
  70. won an award for my writing
  71. been financially independent (for a long, long time)
  72. taught myself how to draw and paint (I started doing portraits at age 9)
  73. taught myself how to ride a bike
  74. taught myself how to swim (I was a late bloomer in several ways and an extremely anxious child, no one was patient enough to go at my slow pace so when I felt ready, I did it myself)
  75. voted! (municipal, provincial, federal, and student governance!)
  76. travelled via plane, train, bus, ferry, boat, bike, and my own two feet
  77. eaten “weird” food: alligator, bear, moose, goat, emu, snails, frog legs (my dad is a hunter/trapper, my mum French-Canadian)
  78. protested (when I was younger and had the energy/time to participate)
  79. went through a quarter-life crisis and came out the other side
  80. hosted a dinner party
  81. became a godmum to two beautiful children
  82. and aunt to three!
  83. shaved my head
  84. dyed my hair a variety of colours: violet, black, magenta, pink
  85. volunteered (this is more a constant than a finished accomplishment)
  86. had my ears pierced (x8)
  87. worked in my second language (français)
  88. went to the movies by myself
  89. went exploring in a snowstorm
  90. walked home from work instead of taking transit
  91. travelled solo
  92. had a root canal
  93. taped songs off the radio (RIP mixtapes)
  94. broke a bone
  95. went to camp (as a kid AND as an adult)
  96. showed my art in a gallery
  97. lived years without a cell phone (and just a few years ago)
  98. lived in campgrounds for a summer
  99. rocked a perm (I miss the curls, but not the upkeep)
  100. hosted and participated in costume dinner parties
  101. recited Bible verses from memory for annual church concerts



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