favourite photos of 2016

This past year has been a productive one for my photography. I made an active effort to carve out small pockets of space and time to take more photos. I took walks around my neighbourhood and campus and brought along my camera. I treated trips like creative assignments, like when I shot a road trip to Banff completely in black and white. I actually sat down with the manual for my Fujifilm x20 and put in a few hours learning how the different settings translated into imagery. Spending time with friends and family offered ample subject matter and, just as important, offered lessons in knowing when to put the camera down and enjoy the company.

I selected my favourite ten photos of the year. Most of them are candid portraits of my inner circles or shots of places on my commute to class or work. Next year I want to work more with staging shots and more elaborate setups. I have a colourful portrait series I’m cooking up and I’d like to photograph some of my knits outside.

February: Western campus under a blanket of snow
April: road trip break at the Sask-Alberta border
April: giant T-rex in Drumheller, Alberta
June: my sister’s graduation (with honours!)
August: my best friend, beautiful mama, after her baby shower
August: niece in streetlights, driving home from the beach
August: godson concentrating
August: a friend at the beach
September: my love, a portrait
October: a foggy Ottawa street

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