101 Things in 1001 Days


I love setting goals, fresh starts, and new beginnings. Choosing a New Years resolution is one of my favourite things about January. The 101 Things in 1001 Days is exactly what it sounds like: you create a list of 101 goals and you complete them within 1001 days. The “101 in 1001” challenge isn’t new, or new to me. I had a few renditions during my days over at LiveJournal. You can read one of my previous lists here and find the original goal setting community over at Day Zero.

My current 101 in 1001 begins today on Saturday, December 3, 2016 and will run until Saturday, August 31, 2019

1. write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days!
2. write a letter to myself to open at the end of 1001 days
3. graduate with my MLIS
4. get a passport (again)
5. be published in print
6. read 101 books (see progress)
7. meet an alpaca
8. make a zine / publish an e-zine
9. finish my pocket Wreck This Journal with friends
10. complete a “day in the life”/”photo per hour” challenge
11. make a pie on Pi Day
12. make a sourdough starter and make bread with it
13. make a fort and have a picnic in it
14. make a video for my 30th birthday
15. learn to make an origami boat
16. draw a self portrait
17. do ROYGBIV portrait series (ideally of other people)
18. write a personal manifesto
19. write a professional manifesto
20. create a budget (and stick to it!)
21. write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved!
22. sun salutations every day for a month
23. get a London Public Library card
24. create a proper academic CV
25. purchase and start wearing stainless steel studs again (ear piercings x6)
26. learn how to take star trail photos with my camera (and take some!)
27. cook and eat chicken hearts
28. take photobooth pictures
29. open up a TFSA account
30. leave a fun note in a library book
31. complete Katimavik book draft
32. write a chapbook
33. do a biking trip
34. milk a goat
35. donate blood
36. find out my blood type
37. knit a hammock
38. knit a pair of socks (adult size)
39. knit a sweater (adult size)
40. get married
41. have a baby
42. catalogue my wardrobe
43. pay off student loans
44. buy a house
45. finish my rainbow quilt
46. make a board game
47. make homemade ravioli
48. get my driver’s license
49. complete a MOOC
50. learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube
51. write poetry in my 2nd/3rd/4th languages
52. get a bow, practice archery and be a sureshot
53. take a self-defense class
54. go canoe camping
55. learn more about my family history
56. learn a song in Scottish Gaelic
57. travel outside of Canada
58. learn constellations and identify them
59. practice reading tarot (the end goal is to be more confident when I give readings)
60. have a dedicated space for my spiritual practice and use it regularly
61. start a fire without matches
62. contribute to 50 wikipedia pages
63. write a sestina
64. go on a retreat (with other people)
65. go on a silent solo retreat
66. read the entire Bible
67. read a book in another language
68. set up an investment portfolio
69. Konmari my belongings
70. hike the Highlands (Cape Breton or Scotland, I’m not picky)
71. read 100 books by bipoc writers
72. grow my hair to my butt (or longer)
73. build a chicken coop
74. complete the October Dress Project
75. harvest and make tea from chaga
76. make my bathroom waste free
77. mend something instead of throwing it away
78. send flowers anonymously to a friend
79. meet an online friend in person
80. help organize a Katimavik reunion
81. go on a road trip (5+ days)
82. make homemade yoghurt
83. cook mussels at home
84. organize, promote, and complete a roygbiv month-long IG challenge
85. make a commercial product using my photography and/or graphic design
86. build a pinhole camera
87. adopt a dog
88. brush my teeth with activated charcoal
89. finish the Walk to Mordor challenge

90. attend an opera
91. commit to a barre class for a term
92. have an side income (and actually make money from it)
93. make jam
94. put away $10 for every goal completed (see #29)
95. go to a live sporting event
96. see the Northern Lights
97. improve my posture
98. grow out my natural hair colour AND/OR stop using hair dye and switch to an eco-friendly alternative
99. attend a film festival
100. make 10 things from my “to diy” (or other) pinterest board
101. get involved with a professional organization


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