book reading, mind feeding

Click on this photo to see the whole list of 30 books + whatever else I’ve managed to complete for 2015

Back in January, fresh into 2015, I set myself a goal of reading 30 books (which I thought was a measly little number). But reading that many books proved to be more difficult than I thought, especially while I was in the last four months of my undergrad.

And then there was my unconscious personal pressure.

“Oh gosh, I read this book, but if I list it on Goodreads I’ll look like a fool or a sub par reader or a ‘bad’ librarian…” but who has time for that kind of judgemental nonsense? When I cart-hauled in public libraries I championed reading, even if it came between the covers of a Louis L’Amour or Twilight. Reading is reading. We can guide readers to other material later (or leave them to enjoy reading what they like without literary snobbery getting in the way) but reading now is better than not reading at all.

So I counted everything. Graphic novels, cheap thrills, academic readings, and a sarcastic illustrated book of sharpie notes from animals. And I completed it!

Sometimes all one needs is a reminder that you can still complete a loop whether you walk it or drive it, in Crocs or in Nikes, one page at a time.


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