fave five: podcasts


Who doesn’t love a listicle? A fave five is where I’ll share a quick snap of five things I’m enjoying.

Today I’m sharing my five fave podcasts. I adore this medium for sharing stories and learning new things. They’re perfect for commuting and ignoring retail staff when I’m shopping. A queue of episodes and an afternoon in a thrift store make for a happy Friday. Onto my fave five…

1. stuff you missed in history class

I like to think of this podcast as the perfect complement to Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant because they’re both packed with history and humour and presented by smart and funny women. This podcast steals my full attention every time I listen, and that’s pretty often because they release new episodes every few days. The hosts, Tracy and Holly, are modern day storytellers, offering up tales from times gone by that are equal parts tragedy and comedy. They take care to highlight important details in order to place history within an appropriate context and often address issues related to LGBT and minority history and other oft-ignored pieces of the past. They also have super charming accents and are just plain fun to listen to.

get into it:

It’s so difficult to recommend just one so I’m listing my recent favourites:
American Hippo Ranch part 1 & part 2
A Condensed History of Rhodesia
& because I live here, an older episode (under different hosts) on the Halifax Explosion

2. vinyl cafe

A Canadian classic, host Stuart McLean continues his (mostly funny, sometimes touching) narrative on the lives on the Dave, the owner of the record shop The Vinyl Cafe, and his family. McLean is a master of his genre; his voice and style are distinctive. Every episode is a new delight. If you’ve never listened to “Dave Cooks the Turkey,” you’re in for a treat.

3. how to do everything

This is the podcast I listen to for bizarre stories and info bits to retell at parties. Whether it’s canine Olympics or micro pigs as stress therapy, hosts Mike and Ian are totally hilarious. Also each episode is about twenty minutes long so it’s very short-commute-friendly. I usually listen to an episode on my way to work and it’s the perfect length door-to-door.

get into it: Cheetah Allen and the Kiss of Death

4. the moth

The tagline says it all — True Stories Told Live. Guests are recorded live telling a story and they’re always memorable.

get into it: the moth doesn’t keep a full archive of episodes. check out episodes from iTunes here. One of my favourites is about the infamous Marina Abramovic performance “The Artist is Present” and the fan who queued for hours to sit across from her.

5. the broad experience

Another commute-friendly podcast, the Broad Experience is a variety of conversations on women and work and success hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte. The topics range from women managing work and family, to the choice not to have one, to managing professional obligations despite setbacks. The Broad Experience provides insightful and intelligent food for thought.

get into it: Claiming Credit on women claiming their work and men claiming their choices

Have any favourite podcasts? Share them below!

Photo from Pexels.


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