We’ve all got to start somewhere

Hello! I’m Alex, a life long lover of reading, learning, and creativity. I completed the Library & Information Technology program at Nova Scotia Community College in 2008, making me a library technician. I’ve been sharpening my skills in public, school, hospital, and academic libraries since then. I graduated with my BA in Cultural Studies this past May, and I currently work in a small academic library in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

So, why libraries? I like to think that I was born to do it (my given name is Alexandrina) but the truth is I love free stuff, reading, the quaintness of small quiet nooks, the chaos of running programs, the creativity of displays and marketing, and most of all, connecting with people and getting the chance to connect them with something new. Library work combines so many of my favourite things into one profession.

Libraries are relevant more now than ever. They are a cultural axis where the community intersects. We are not just book shelvers or quiet nerds; we are information herders when information is constantly multiplying. Libraries are more than pieces of paper: they are gadgets, toys, people, tools, ideas, memories, art, and definitely more than books.

Now go back through that paragraph and replace “library” with “art”; I feel the same way about both of them. Art is more than a drawing or paint on a canvas. Art is how you make a sandwich. Art is how you walk through the world. Art is another way of asking questions, of exploring the frameworks that exist around you.

My goal with this blog is to share things I find interesting, including local and global news and research in LIS and art (especially when they intersect), my own projects and work, and completely irrelevant pieces of my life. Stick around!


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